Known Stormers

The following are known stormers.

The Steel City Sentries:

Code Name Real Name, if known Notes
99 Per Cent ? Team mentalist and child of supervillains
Canadian Lass Izzy Traynor Flying brick and foreigner
Huitzil Vieno Lipponen Regenerating scrapper
Volt Not known to team, but Hadley Ramirez Electrical powers

Other Stormers. Anybody who has applied at the Sentries has real name given because it’s on the forms (except for the couple who left without handing in the forms).

Code Name Real Name, if known Notes
Augie, the Auruspex Lab   Canine Cassandra who sees the future
Mrs. Rosica Bosch Rosica Bosch Porcupine lady
Captain Fantasy ? Flight, the ability to be convincing
Captain Oblivion ? Destroy things he touches
Chain Allie Hendricks Psychic Chains
Death Magnetic/Fridge Magnet Chelsea Lincoln Magnetic powers
Dreamland Mary Constance Make people have good hallucinations/feelings or bad ones; minor
Epiphany Jones ? Reality alteration
Gator ? Humanoid alligator
Ghostlight Lisa Delamorte Ghost powers; minor
Honey Badger ? Humanoid honey badger who likes violence
Kid Singularity Josh Landsdowne Creates and throws black holes
Lightbender ? Creates illusions and lasers
Lord Etheric Chad Sherwin Douchebag “sorceror”
Origami Girl Sonia Jameson Makes origami come to life
Squiddly Harry Essex Tentacles for arms, and extra tentacles for spare
Stiletto Esteban Morales Psychic knives
Tar Baby ? Humanoid of sticky, sticky tar
Trinity ? Three heads and the powers of Alamagordo!
Treehugger Eden Vale Mrs. Lipponen’s old high school classmate
Washout ? Water powers—the “drink guy” at appplications
Pufferfish ? Blow up and spit poison
Toxic Kitty ? Can paralyze people
Can of Worms ? Like, a cocoon full of worms.
Slipshod ? Friction control
Sewer stormer ? Translucent fish-man with really sharp teeth and spines
? Alejandro Suarez Dead things come back to life when he’s near them.
Erelda, Queen of the Darrituri Elves Tracy Stankowitz Possessed by Erelda, claims to have dominion over the dead

Known Stormers

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