Once upon a time, the US created the Special Agents and Tactics division for armored agents who dealt with super problems. There was a rivalry between SAT and PRIMUS (the “let’s make our own supers” organization). And then PRIMUS was destroyed from within.

So SAT was expanded rapidly. And in the wake of the creation of Homeland Security, SAT was folded in and grown…and the name got changed. To EAGLE.

Now, SAT is once again an armored division, this time of EAGLE, which in turn is part of Homeland Security.

SAT looks down on UNTIL and frankly looks down on the rest of EAGLE (because it’s the original SAT). However, being focused on powered armor solutions means that they produce primarily powered armor solutions.

When what you’ve got is a hammer you want to show off, everything looks like a nail..

Currently assigned to the Steel City EAGLE office is Agent Gonzales and a number of higher ups who were planning on riding out the time until retirement is a city without heroes.

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