Steel City

The Rapture of Victory

A slugfest

One of the things I dislike about myself as a GM is that I frequently (say, two-thirds of the time) make a combat the centerpiece of the whole session. Part of that is that our sessions are just three hours or less (eight to eleven, or less), which means that structurally, the session is frequently a bit of building subplots and then combat, rather than the more comic-bookish hook-unsatisfactory fight-subplots and investigation-big fight-conclusion. And so it was this time.

The group had to place themselves inside the museum, because it has a number of (modular) security systems: mental, mystical, and movement. For this exhibit, all were enabled, despite the cost of running the generators to power all of them.(For new exhibits, they choose whether to turn on the mental or mystic shields.) volt was in the basement, in the security office; Huitzil and Dragoneye were in the exhibit room on the second floor; Ninety-Nine Percent was there, too, but in civvies; and Canadian Lass was above the exhibit room, with the old Dutch masters (a permanent exhibit). Several employees were there, too: the old exhibit had been cleared out during the latter half of the day and they were assembling the new one.

Note that the various safeguards didn’t prevent people from using their powers in the building.



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