Captain Fantasy

Looks are all he has


If enough people believe it, he can do it. If only his delusional self believes it, he has Variable 3. Two people, another rank. Four people, Variable 5. Eight people, Variable 6. He tops out at Variable 12.

He does actually have some powers besides that: He can fly; and he has an impressive level of immortality (16 ranks of it). Lots will kill him, though: using powers he doesn’t actually have, for instance (he tried to stretch himself too thin and discorporated).

Helped deal with the menace of the Atomic Supermen.


Met in the Park.

As Izzy is holding the trestle up, another changed person flies up and offers to support the train for her. Although the fellow talks like he came out of an old RKO Radio Pictures serial, he’s very convincing so Izzy takes him up on the offer. Unfortunately while he is super-convincing, his conviction that he is also super-strong is more of a delusion than it is a power. Izzy realizes this before disaster can strike. He may also have super-self confidence in the mix because even though he failed abjectly to support the train, he still asks for Izzy’s number.

Captain Fantasy

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