Steel City

The shining buckle of the Rust Belt: a hundred pounds of trouble in a fifty pound sack. Money problems, crime, the occasional Atlantean, and the only heroes this place has seen for two decades worked on their own. No team to speak of.

And the Silver Storm that just hit the Occupy Steel City movement is not going to make it easier.

The city’s got two or three hundred more metas than it had last week. The mayor wants a team.

The city needs a team.

Welcome to Steel City

Steel City is our sandbox. About to have an origin event, with lots of spaces for supervillain lairs, low-level crime whenever we need some, possibly corrupt at higher levels, and without an official superhero team for a couple of decades. Though there is a rough plot for this first part, the campaign is whatever the players make of it. You want to investigate government corruption? I’ll put some in. You want to protect your turf? We’ll make up your turf. You want to be a legacy hero? We’ll invent the hero whose ideals you’re struggling to live up to.

I’m trying the experiment of putting the information here, on a wiki, and I’m giving all players write access. Invent what you need to invent…just try to stay true to what’s already there. That is, write “Yes, and…” or “Yes, but…” so that you aren’t invalidating what someone else wrote, but adding to it or putting a new spin on it.

Steel City

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