Ytterby and Cohen

Social justice lawyers with an office downtown. (The actual property is bequeathed to them, at a controlled rent (a 99-year lease that expires in 78 years), from a former client.) There are about six lawyers: two principals (that would be Nella Ytterby and Sasha Cohen), and four associates.

Of note: they employ Vieno Lipponen.

Although they do a number of works to pay the (low) rent, they are best known for social justice cases: union and employment law, for instance. They are known for class action suits for wronged groups, and they currently are preparing a suit for porn actors who have had their bank accounts closed by Chase and similar banks.

A supervillain who needs representation may be able to find it at the YC (disparagingly called the YWCA by certain elderly lawyers at other companies). If the supervillain is clearly in the wrong, however, the firm might suggest alternate representation.

Founded in the early 1970s, and first made their name with class action suits against large employers in the area, holding that treatment of waste was unsafe (helped by two timely supervillain origins). Sasha Cohen has a number of grandchildren but has recently come out as bisexual and is active with bi rights; Nella has no apparent sexuality. It is possible that these stances influenced the hiring of an associate who rejects heteronormative sexual behavior.

Ytterby and Cohen

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