United Nations Tribunal on International Law.

The UN body dealing with supers, founded in the 1960s.

UNTIL became a reduced presence in the US in the 1980s, with the US creating the organizations SAT and PRIMUS. In the 2000s, PRIMUS was discovered to be thoroughly riddled with agents for different organizations, and it was disbanded. Several Silver Agents were found to be Manchurian-candidate style agents, and imprisoned in a prison code named Riviera. UNTIL is now forbidden to operate

The Special American Tactics squad was force-grown into a branch of Homeland Security and now has another acronym. SAT still exists by name as the armoured agent and drones section of enforcement.

It is perhaps significant that almost every US-Canada border city pair either as an UNTIL base (sometimes only two agents) or is within swift access of one. (The exception might be Alaska; I haven’t thought about it.)

Windsor has a teaching and research center, run by Robert “Bob” Traynor. There is a medical lab, with Dr. Anton Specks as one of the doctors. (For Canadian UNTIL agents, the “big shows” are Concorde, Vancouver, and Calgary.)

Note that a significant portion of UNTIL’s budget comes from licensing acquired supertech. Some of the most profitable patents will expire in three years. (A large part of the money has gone into trusts so that UNTIL can draw from the interest, but there were some things that looked like good investments ten years ago that turn out to not be.)


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