The World

The world as we knew it—but a superhero universe. This page is about generalities, not specifics to Steel City. So there are references to EAGLE (aka SAT, the older name) here but not to Gentlemen’s Imperial Trade Association.

  • In this world, the global super-agent organization is UNTIL, which is under the control of the United Nations. UNTIL is not allowed to work in the USA; instead, you have to go to EAGLE (until recently known as SAT).
  • Aliens have been known for decades. Most people in North America treat them as different but acceptable: there is the usual amount of race-relations problems (though you can choose to be of a particularly revered or reviled species). We know that there is an interstellar police force (the Lensmen). Some aliens claim they aren’t aliens, and some metahumans claim they are aliens. You’ll have to make up your own mind.
  • Magic is generally thought not to exist; it’s either superscience we don’t understand, or some kind of super powers.
  • Uberwear® [[Uberwear® | Uberwear®]] are the “unstable molecules” of the setting, the premiere brand of meta clothing.


(Because it came up) For the most part, insurance from home damage or car damage from a supers fight in the neighbourhood is available but optional. (You don’t have to have insurance at all, except as determined by jurisdiction, such as Ontario and car insurance.)

If supers are rare in your area, super damage might be under Acts of God: there was no way to predict that the two aliens were going to have a fight in your back yard.

If supers do happen in your area, they are (measured in terms of property damage per annum in the metropolitan area. Your basic insurance won’t pay out, and the premiums are likely to be equivalent to having several teenaged sons driving your car. The Shieldmaiden Insurance company offers a discount for some people who pass and take a registered Superproofing course, but the idea has not caught on, because so much of having supers destroy your home or car isn’t under your control.

If supers are common in your area, insurance against super fights is expensive. Areas around known headquarters have to take the possibility of damage into account, and property values are generally lower as a result. (The Hall of Justice in Superfriends has so much turf because it was cheap to buy up, and the big empty space helps protect the neighbours because there’s room to fight.) Most known hero headquarters tend to be remote or with a lot of empty space around them. Only densely populated cities such as New York, Tokyo, or Steel City even try with headquarters in towers. (Better a satellite, or a fortress in Antarctica, or a dome in a swamp.)

So, Vieno’s insurance rates on the warehouse are probably going to go up: she’s a known meta. However, her presence in the corporate offices of Ytterby & Cohen aren’t going to affect the office more than, say, having a known occupied superhero headquarters within two blocks.

Tenants of the Steward Reed tower in Steel City have to balance the prestige of being

The previous campaign in the universe featured aliens, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, super tech, the descendant of Sam Spade and Bridgid O’Shaughnessy, and a hint of pocket dimensions, so you can expect the same still exists.

The World

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