Steward Reed


Headquarters for the Steel City Sentries, the top five floors are hero headquarters.

Access is through a currently-compromised secure elevator.

  • First floor Mostly public space, with meeting rooms, communications centers, computer equipment, offices, the infirmary and a library.
  • Second floor Personal quarters, gym, kitchen, dining area, entertainment room.
  • Third floor Power core, environmental equipment, defense systems, and storage rooms.
  • Fourth floor Labs, workshops for half, and the other half is the two-story combined training room and gym.
  • Top floor Divided between hangar facilities and the upper area of the training room.

Game stats

Size Large
Toughness 15
Features Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Preventions Systems, Gym, Hangar, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System, Workshop
Complication The headquarters is old, and the computer systems/security systems are of unproven worth

Most of the vehicles were all auctioned off to pay building back taxes. You still have the old classic hoverbikes, seven of them. (Assume the cryptography on the radios is compromised.)

The equipment is vintage Kirbytek: Things we still can’t accomplish today with nonsuperhero technology, but the modern version is an eighth the volume.

The HQ has a sophisticated-for-1992 AI that has not been reactivated (the Headquarters Automated and Integrated Response sYstem). The security system has not been reactivated but a new temporary one has been put in place. (You have lanyards.)


Most of the group needs are taken care of by the AI—or would be, if the AI had been reactivated. For now, you need (and some of these roles can be combined):

  • Receptionist (the AI did that, but you can move the leg less robotic body to storage)
  • Concierge for your needs, including PR stuff
  • Mechanic, unless one of you can fill that need
  • Liaison with city and law-enforcement agencies

It’s all twenty-year-old super tech, so good luck finding a technician.

Steward Reed

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