Steel City Sentries

The official hero group of Steel City. As the city sank further and further into financial troubles, there wasn’t enough money to support the heroes or pay the rent on the Steward Reed building.

The group was founded in the late 1960s, and was heavily bankrolled by auto manufacturing money. Members had been around for some time, and the group has always included a battlesuit character (often sponsored by one of the auto manufacturers).

There was a rotating membership. Most of the members are retired or moved or both, Grace Kitteen (Bastion), who used to be Bastion (nowadays, she’s been having lung troubles, and she’d be hard pressed to lift a car), who works downtown running a soup kitchen, and Roy Elson, aka Dynamo Star, who has a fleet of taxis and airport limousines in the suburbs. He almost never turns into energy any more. (The taxi service is not called Dynamo Star; it’s called Door to Door.)

For information on the headquarters, see Steward Reed.

Steel City Sentries

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