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Welcome to Steel City!

A once-mighty titan of industry, Steel City often seems like it’s been passed over in the switch to the information age, but is fighting to come back!

Steel City is the amalgam of Detroit and outlying areas without being true to the facts. It’s a decaying urban center that’s fallen on hard times. Heck, though it’s had heroes all the way along, it hasn’t had an officially-sanctioned hero team for about two decades. (There’s an unused superhero base, the home of the Steel City Sentries, on the top floor of the Steward Reed building.) Mayor Jesse Winchester would like to see heroes make up a team: there’s a re-election next year.

There’s hope. A few high-tech firms such as Hightecker have moved into the area, spurred by tax incentives and cheap land. Some very wealthy people have chosen to stay in Steel City to try and help out, though others object to their activities.

Of course, villains often choose to hide out in Steel City. The recent Silver Storm shows signs of fracturing the existing alliance that made Steel City a quiet place to live.

Steel City is not without its problems: The city is only a few steps up from bankrupt, there are on-going conflicts with the Atlanteans (aliens, actually) in the lake, and the decaying infrastructure needs help, but those are par for the course. Everyone knows someone who has been touched by unemployment or violence.

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Steel City is our sandbox.

The events of the first set of adventures are derived from the Emerald City Knights adventure path (though I have changed many names and details to a. make it fit, b. obfuscate the story for those who have the book, and c. fit these characters).

Rules clarifications and such are now stored on the Rules Clarifications and House Rules page.

If you want or think I’ve forgotten some event or character we should follow up on or that should have consequences, add it to the Unresolved issues page.

For a list of instructions about the using the wiki, see Using this Steel City wiki.

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