Magic does exist.

There have been a few people who claimed they were sorcerers or witches or magicians, and they’re generally not taken as such. You can find exceptions to this rule, but in general there’s some kind of “blindness” that affects people. Vampires have taken over cities or black magicians have tried to destroy towns as unholy sacrifices, and the news rarely gets out to the public. The information is on the internet if you look, but there seem to be a hundred pieces of misinformation for every piece of truth.

It’s possible that magic is a kind of superpower, and the form doesn’t matter so much as the ability to do it.

In the Concord campaign, we saw at least werewolves, vampires, and ghouls. People can change into ghouls (though you might have to be predisposed to it genetically). The ghouls have access to a limited version of dimensional travel, but it seems to go to only a few places (spoolworld, for instance). Players might remember Cheat the ghoul (“Are you guys saviors or what?”)

Dracula and Elizabeth Bathory were also known vampires, though the Concord players staked both of them.


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