Known Villains

A place to put known villains, ones we’ve met and ones the characters might know about. Ones we’ve met have a (met) in their one-liner, and mean that the characters have met them in that supervillain identity.

At Large

  • Ambrosia, mood and mind controller
  • The Blow-Up Doll — growth face-changer who was impersonating Agent Valerie Groh; caught and arrested (met)
  • Cannon: Explosive concussive blasts, teleports; on the loose (met)
  • Captain Oblivion: corrosive touch; on the loose (met)
  • Cyberknight: Armored tech gadgeteer (met)
  • Edison Rex, super genius and presumptive ruler of the world
  • Epiphany Jones: reality changer; on the loose (met)
  • FOE (Fraternal Order of Evil) — loose organization that handles the “active” supervillains in town. Mostly.
  • Gargantua: He gets very large (met)
  • Gator: brick; on the loose (met)
  • Honey Badger (Honey Badger aka Mongoose) — Cowed into surrendering, later escaped, even later captured (met)
  • I.E.Decay — she makes things explode! Or decay. Has a boyfriend she’s trying to revive.
  • Librarian (met)
  • Lightbender — on the loose (met)
  • Lord Etheric — Arrested but now freed (met)
  • Lord Quake on the loose (met)
  • Mister Mayhem
  • Mimeo — mind-reading mimic; caught and arrested (met)
  • Nightblade; circumstantial evidence says he’s brother of Eclipse (met)
  • Squishy Squidly — On the loose (met)
  • Tarbaby: Blob of goo (met)
  • Tempus, the Master of Time: Teleporter and timetwister — On the loose (met)
  • Thornbird fought multiple times; currently dying clone with implants of her memories and mind controlled to turn herself into the police (met)
  • Trinity: (met)
  • Umbra Seven
  • Wastewitch
  • Wu Xing: Group of five who work for FOE: Jet (earth), Gulfstream (water), Treehugger (wood/plants), Rust (metal), Zippo (fiery speedster). They didn’t pick the name; the big brain did
  • X-Raid

Groups are described in Known Criminal Organizations in Steel City

In Jail or Under Control

  • Death Magnetic (met)
  • Dreadnought (met)
  • Eclipse in jail (met)
  • Hellteen: in jail (met)
  • Hexenwulf (met)
  • Immaterial Girl — ghost (met)
  • Jade Lotus: Dead and not a villain
  • Laughing Skull (met)
  • Magister Angle: not a villain (met)
  • Psychic Worms (we think) — Being examined by Top Men (met)
  • Sister Sanguine (met)
  • Yama King (met)


  • Atlanteans and Atlantean monster are sort of retired; they got what they wanted.
  • Chicle
  • Commander — Disappeared after being pardoned for helping in Terminus invasion
  • Dark Silver
  • Gelatinous Qube
  • Himbo
  • Killer Shred
  • Midden
  • Tribblet


  • Professor Apocalypse— Canadian mad scientist associated with the Chaos Beam
  • Disco Brawl, a seventies villain group consisting of Echo Feelgood, Foxy Roxy, and The Harlem Haystack
  • Omniman
  • Phantom Duchess
  • Unholy Grace
  • Vaporosity


Come on, no one is ever really dead in the comics, if they’ve chosen the supers lifestyle. Still, currently believed to be dead:

  • Sir Cusmax
  • Glass-were
  • Kriegsvogel (met)
  • Ubermensch (met)
  • Lucky Lucy (met)
  • Three Fates
  • Weeja Bard
  • Splinter Claws
  • Kiss of Death

Known Villains

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