Yup, this is in the Concord world.

So T’Shrin, Silver Mirror, the Grey Lensman, Murcheson and Traynor, and the arthropoid invasion are matters of history. But they happened in another country, so who cares?

It’s the present day and that was all thirty years ago, so it’s unlikely that there will be much crossover between the two campaigns. Not to mention that I don’t remember much of the Concord adventures anyway, so if you say it happened, I believe you. (Unless it’s Silver Mirror doing the saying.) If you played in that game, you get to decide what happened to your character.

(Well, actually, we care, because two of the players decided to include continuations of old characters. So that will become canon as soon as it happens. In the meanwhile…)

Here’s some made-up statuses of things from that campaign. Unlike most other stuff, if you have a good idea, just contradict these. I’m brainstorming here.

  • UNTIL isn’t allowed in the US. If you go to any other country, UNTIL is present, but in the early 2000s there was a scandal and the US forbade them to operate on US soil. Homeland Security has an extensive supers program. Part of it is EAGLE, which now contains SAT. (Old-Timers still call it SAT.)
  • VIPER does exist as a series of cover corporations, with the Serpentine Self-Help peddling a very successful line of twaddle that is so profitable they almost don’t need to be involved with crime.
  • DEMON tried immanentizing the eschaton one too many times. Though there are probably people who say they’re with DEMON, the organization doesn’t really exist.
  • RAVEN (was “Fenwick, From Accounting”) The organization that took a venture capital approach to taking over the world folded for lack of funds. Somewhere, I’m sure there’s someone who thinks it was a really good idea, it just didn’t have the right oversight….
  • The Conjunction of the Million Spheres won’t happen again for one or more centuries. It’s a non-starter. You can probably use dimensional travel to get to another superhero universe but the superhero universes are tougher to get to than something like The Carrion Cosmos.

Various supervillain groups probably exist by name but with different members. If I haul out Rapture and the boys (did they have a group name?) they probably have a different membership, or the same names but slightly different powers. I no longer own the various Champions things I did way back then, so I don’t even remember what I was using in those days.

Some of the villains have gone straight. Some are in the position of the guy who robbed a bank so that he could spend the rest of his twilight years in prison, taken care of. Some have died in the intervening decades. Some few are still at it.

If there’s some villain you have fond memories of, let me know. We’ll try to make a guest shot. (I suppose someone could even have the retired villain as a relative or a DNPC.)

Villains I think we had

This is just a list with me trying to remember old villains. (Old NPCs of the non-villainous variety are, well, thirty years older and in another country; they won’t get mentioned.) Villains by these names might show up, but they probably aren’t the same people. (Though there might be immortals there; who knows?)

I don’t really remember all of these: I scanned a list of published Champions characters and plucked the ones I think I used, and then added the three or four I remember. I might be confused—the characters might have shown up as villains in Jim’s campaign. Just tell me and I’ll get rid of them. (Jim?)

  • Chicle and Dark Silver (remembered by Jim)
  • The Ultimates
  • Rapture and the boys (Micron, Obelisk, and Jaguar) Rapture lives in town. She’s retired, isn’t allowed to play bridge with anyone who knows. Rapture and Micron had a child, Rapture II, but he eventually divorced her through the simple expedient of moving away, which works when it’s common-law and you’re both wanted criminals). Obelisk now lives in some South American country where it’s cheap and violent (but he doesn’t care about the latter because bullets bounce off him). Micron is on the West Coast advising some technology company (“Hadronic Industries: Making your big problems smaller”). He dyes his hair. Sends Rapture II cards for birthday and Christmas. Jaguar might be the same guy (each form ages not at all when he’s not in it: it’s some kind of body-swap thing instead of transformation). Or it might not; maybe, like the Dread Pirate Roberts, each new shapeshifter takes on the Jaguar name.
  • Bulldozer (had, I think, a glass jaw)
  • Some multiversal muck-monster; remembered only because he was my first attempt at building a thousand point character and he went down fast)
  • Elisabeth Bathory and assorted vampires; I remember she went down fast because you guys knew what to expect
  • I think Fiacho and Eurostar, but maybe they were Jim’s
  • Lady Blue (or Ladybug?)
  • Leech
  • Mechassassin
  • The Monster
  • Some slasher in a closed cannery plant; I think he was Jack the Ripper or something
  • I think I had Ogre and Jim had Brick, but who knows?
  • Utility?

Looking at the list of Champions characters, I am reminded that some of them are very nineties…


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