Tag: FOE


  • Aftershocks

    Present: Izzy and Vieno. Lights up on a park still filled with the carnage left after the Silver Storm. Both Izzy and Vieno are helping to the best of their ability; this takes the onlookers by surprise because neither of the two masks in town are …

  • Episode 9: It's a Trap

    h3. The Trap Is Sprung En route to the warehouse, Ninety-nine Percent scouted ahead using her remote viewing: An empty warehouse with a truck parked outside. The roof supported a closet-sized exit and a variety of vents and pipes. Inside, it was mostly …

  • Jet

    Particulate sandy guy, all volcanic sand. Elongates; flows under doors; can make sandstorm; can make parts hard and hit with them; likes to make hands into sledgehammers. Possibly biased to Eden Vale.

  • Gulfstream

    A woman made of water, and with control over water. Tends to disable people by scrambling the fluid in their Eustachian tubes.

  • Treehugger (Eden Vale)

    A relatively recent addition to the group, Treehugger controls plants, and looks kind of like Groot without the well-maintained aspect.

  • Gust

    Master of the four winds and a few others besides.