PL 10, Transformed Human (Blaster)

STR 6 Parry +6 Init +8 Damage
STA 10 Dodge +8 Plasma Blast (Multiattack) +8 +12
AGL 0 Toughness +12/+10 Radiation Burst+10 +10
DEX 0 Fortitude +10 Unarmed +6 +6
FGT 6 Will +10  
INT 3  
AWE 3  
PRE 2  

Lower toughness is without force field


Defensive Attack, Improved Initiative 2


Expertise: Current Events 6 (+9), Expertise: Science 8 (+11), Insight 4 (+7), Perception 4 (+7), Technology 8 (+11)


Flight 6 120 MPH
Force Field 2
Impervious Toughness 12
Plasma Blast Ranged Multiattack Damage 12, Accurate 4
AE: Radiation Burst Burst Area Damage 10
Senses 4 (Acute Detect Radiation (visual), Radius on all Visual


  • Motivation—Power Trinity enjoys power and wants more, no matter what form it takes.
  • Quirk—Vengeful Very sore loser.

Cheat Sheet

Defensive Attack Trade attack bonus for active defense bonus.
Improved Initiative +4 bonus to initiative checks per rank.

Karen Emerson was wandering dejectedly away from campus when her life, already in the toilet after just having been expelled from her graduate program from University of Windsor, took another dramatic turn. Her abilities erupted immediately, accompanied by immense pain but no period of lost consciousness. Her body transformed into some kind of solid energy, and not only that, it was made up of three humanoid forms joined at the shoulders! The bodies shared the same consciousness and she was able to perceive the world all around her at the same time. She discovered she could cause bursts of energy to erupt from her bodies and she could fly! Karen wasn’t altruistic. She didn’t want to help people; she wanted to help herself and she finally had the power to do just that. She flew back to the building that housed the physics program and burned it to the ground. It served them right for kicking her out—even if she had sabotaged other students’ projects!

Trinity’s triplicate form is a descriptive effect. Any effects targeting one of the bodies affect her normally. When she loses consciousness, she reverts back to her normal (single) physical body. That’s the only time she changes back to normal as she vastly prefers her new appearance to her old.


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