Sonia Jameson aka Origami Girl


PL 5

STR 0 Dodge 4 Initiative +2 Damage
STA 3 Parry 3 Unarmed +0 +0
AGL 2 Toughness 4  
DEX 2 Will 4  
FGT 0 Fortitude 4  
INT 2  
AWR 2  
PRE 0  


Defensive Roll, Enhanced Endurance


Acrobatics 6 (+8), Expertise: barista business 4 (+6), Expertise: Origami 6 (+8), Treatment 10 (+12)


Animate Origami: Summon Origami Creatures, Broad Type, Controlled, Mental Link, Limited to Origami Shapes 5 • 1 point + 4 points per rank (21 pts)

This lets her create a shape or creature with folded paper and transform it into a summoned minion. Add Heroic if the summoned creatures don’t have the minion limitations. Add Multiple Minions (and possibly Horde), if she can summon more than one at a time. Broad Type is conjecture, but assumes she can create and summon a wide range of creatures. The Limit is roughly equal to Removable at the power’s point cost, so seems about right; without any foldable paper, she presumably can’t use the power. Even just 5 ranks of this power is pretty effective, allowing for nearly all of the creature archetypes in the Gamemaster’s Guide.


Barista at two coffee shops, including a latte-serving bookstore and a Starbucks.

Knows first aid. Another is origami, and yet another is gymnastics. Well, it could be; she did competitive gymnastics in high school. Maybe she should get back into that, you know?

With ProtoVolt at Silver Storm; apparently didn’t get powers. Is checking.

Has the ability to bring origami to life. Has to be origami that she folded, but then it has the powers of whatever she’s modelling.

Sonia Jameson aka Origami Girl

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