PL 10, Human (Weapon Master)


STR 2 Parry +10 Init +10 Damage
STA 2 Dodge +14 Ranged +16 +4, Crit 16-20
AGL 6 Toughness +6/4 Unarmed +10 +2
DEX 6 Fortitude +8    
FGT 6 Will +8    
INT 1        
AWE 3        
PRE 4        


Accurate Attack, Benefit 1 (Well-off), Close Attack 4, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll2, Equipment, Evasion, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 4 (Bows), Improved Defense, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative 2, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Precise Attack 2 (Ranged: Concealment & cover), Quick Draw, Ranged Attack 4, Seize Initiative, Set-up, Skill Mastery (Ranged Combat), Taunt, Ultimate Effort (Ranged Combat)


Acrobatics 10 (+16), Athletics 8 (+10), Deception 8 (+12), Expertise: History 4 (+5), Expertise: Streetwise 8 (+9), Insight 7 (+10), _Intimidation 6 (+10), Investigation 7 (+8), Perception 8 (+11), Ranged Combat: Bows 6 (+12), Stealth 10 (+16), Technology 7 (+8), Vehicles 5 (+11)


Hi-Tech Bow and Trick Arrows (array 17 pts), Easily Removable (-8 pts).
Explosive Arrows Ranged Burst Area Damage 6, Diminished Range
AE: Bola Arrows Ranged Cumulative Affliction 4, resisted by Dodge and overcome by damage; Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobile, Extra Condition, Limited Degree
AE: Taser Arrows Ranged Affliction 4, Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stuned, Incapacitated
AE: Smoke Arrows Ranged Cloud Area Concealment 4 Attack (All Visual)
AE: Peerless Archer Ranged Multiattack Damage 4, Precise
AE: Swingline Movement 1 (Swinging)

Trained Runner Speed 1 (4 MPH)


Motivation: Thrill Seeker
Responsibility: Keep up the legacy; do the name proud

Cheat Sheet

ACCURATE ATTACK Trade effect DC for attack bonus
DEFENSIVE ATTACK Trade attack bonus for active defense
DEFENSIVE ROLL Trade active defense for attack bonus
EVASION Circumstance bonus to interaction based on your looks
IMPROVED AIM Trade attack bonus for active defense bonus
IMPROVED CRITICAL Automatically stabilize when dying
IMPROVED DEFENSE Immune to fear effects
IMPROVED DISARM +5 on checks involving endurance
IMPROVED INITIATIVE +4 bonus to initiative checks per rank
INSTANT UP Move from prone to standing as a free action
MOVE-BY ACTION Move both before and after your standard action
PRECISE ATTACK Ignore attack check penalties for: close, concealment
QUICK DRAW Get weapon ready (drawn) as a free action
SEIZE INITIATIVE Spend a hero point to go first in the initiative order.
SKILL MASTERY Make routine checks with one skill under any conditions.
TAUNT Use deception to demoralize in combat.
ULTIMATE EFFORT Spend a hero point, get an effective 20 on Toughness


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