Lord Quake

STR 13/3† Dodge 6 Initiative +1 Damage
STA 8 Parry 6 Tremor (Close, Burst Area Affliction 10, Resist by Fort) DC 20
AGL 1 Toughness 14 Unarmed (Close) +7 +13/+3†
DEX 2 Will 6  
FGT 4 Fortitude 14  
INT 1  
AWE 2  
PRE 3  

Without Strong As Stone


Close Attack 3, Power Attack


Athletics 4 (+17), Intimidation 10 (+13)


Born of Stone Regeneration 10
Corekin Immunity 12 (Critical Hits, Life Support)
Gemstone Eyes Senses 4 (Darkvision, Infravision, Detect Gems and Precious Metals)
Stoneskin Impervious Protection 6; Impervious Toughness 8
Earth Mastery Array (20 points)
AE: Strong As Stone Enhanced Strength 10, Dynamic)
AE: Earthmover Perception Range Move Object 10 (25 tons), Limited—Earth, Dynamic
AE: Earthshape Create 9, Permanent, Impervious, Innate, Limited—Must be connected to the earth, Dynamic
AE: Tremor Burst Area 2 (60 feet) Affliction 10 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Stunned and Prone), Extra Condition, Limited Degree, Limited—Lord Quake and targets must be in contact with the ground, Dynamic)
Walk the Underroads Burrowing 10 (60 MPH), Affects Others


Last of His Kind Lord Quake believes he is the last of the stonekin, but seeks other survivors who might help him build his new empire

Motivation—Control Lord Quake is determined to prove he has the strength to rule the surface world.


Lord Quake

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