Kid Singularity

STR 1 Dodge +10 Initiative +1 Damage
STA 2 Parry +7 Black Hole Bomb (Ranged, Burst Area) +11
AGL 1 Toughness +12/+2† Gravity Well (Ranged, Burst Area Damaging Move Object 10, Indirect 3 DC 20
DEX 3 Will +10 Microsingularity Creation (Ranged, Indirect 2, Penetrating 5) +9 +13
FGT 1 Fortitude +7  
INT 2  
AWE 1  
PRE 0  

Without Gravity Field/Defensive Roll


Defensive Roll 10, Improved Defense, Luck 2, Move-by Action


Expertise: Pop Culture 3 (+5), Expertise: Science 3 (+5), Perception 5 (+6), Ranged Combat: Singularity Creation 6 (+9), Technology 4 (+6)


Controlled Gravitic Thrust Flight 8 (500 MPH);
Gravity Field Enhanced Advantage (Defensive Roll 10); Enhanced Strength 6, Limited: Only for Lifting; Immunity 2 (Gravitic); Movement 2 (Environmental Adaptation—Zero-G);
Singularity Creation Array (33 points)
Black Hole Bomb Ranged Burst Area Damage 11
AE: Gravity Well Burst Area Damaging Move Object 10, Limited Direction (Toward Center Point), Indirect 3 (any point away)
AE: Microsingularity Creation Ranged Damage 13, Indirect 2, Penetrating 5
AE: Wormhole Creation Teleport 6 (1,800 feet, 60 miles Extended), Extended, Portal)


Angry Youth Being mocked, rejected, or bullied makes Kid Singularity want to lash out and destroy his tormentors. Conversely, those who praise and flatter him can easily manipulate him regardless of their true intentions.

Crossroads A victim of bullying and social ostracism now possessing vast powers, Kid Singularity is torn between a desire for power and revenge and his childhood dream of becoming a hero.

Motivation—Thrills Kid Singularity wants to have fun with his powers and be admired for how cool he knows they make him.


Kid Singularity

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