Epiphany Jones


PL 10, Stormer (Mystic)


STR 0 Parry +11 Init +1 Damage
STA 6 Dodge +12 Reality Control — (Perception Range Shapeable Area Selective) +10
AGL 1 Toughness +8/6 Unarmed +4 +0
DEX 1 Fortitude +6    
FGT 4 Will +14    
INT 6        
AWE 6        
PRE 4        


Attractive, Beginner’s Luck, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Jack-of-all-trades, Luck 5, Redirect, Set-Up


Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Musician 8 (+14), Insight 10 (+16), Perception 10 (+16), Persuasion 6 (+10), Stealth 6 (+7)


Enhanced Advantages 5 Defensive Roll 2, Evasion, Redirect, Set-Up
Reality Control Perception Range Shapeable Area Selective Damage 10 (Variable Descriptor 2
(Limited Reality Control)
AE: Selective Shapeable Area Luck Control 4 (Luck 5)


Complications: Motivation—Revenge and Thrills
Power Loss Cannot use her Reality Control array if she is unable to speak.
Relationship Captain Oblivion.

Cheat Sheet

Attractive Circumstance bonus to interaction based on your looks.
Beginner’s Luck Spend a hero point to gain 5 temporary ranks in a skill
Defensive Roll +1 active defense bonus to Toughness per rank.
Evasion Circumstance bonus to avoid area effects.
Jack-of-all-trades Use any skill untrained.
Luck Re-roll a die roll once per rank.
Redirect Use Deception to redirect a missed attack at another target.
Set-up Transfer the benefit of an interaction skill to an ally.

Epiphany Jones

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