Dark Silver

Force field, quantum blasts, reflection, and a fluid sense of self


I haven’t written her up yet, but the mother of Jim’s character.


From UNTIL files, we know that Dark Silver was a power-suited blaster with an unhealthy fixation on Silver Mirror. In public appearances, she claimed to be from the same planet as Silver Mirror and was duelling him for the title of last survivor from that world.

However, in psychiatric evaluations after her capture, the psychiatrist’s opinion was that this was a facade she had put on in order to make an insanity plea more plausible.

It is not known whether she invented the Dark Silver armour or acquired it; if the latter, the original owner has never shown up. The armour was actually a force field with a dark silver sheen (which lead to her nickname of “Tarnish” in prison) with teleportation and “silver quantum blasts”, as well as sophisticated reflecting abilities.

Because she might have been possibly the creator of the suit, she was imprisoned as a Parahuman under Canadian law. There she met Chicle, and the two teamed up on escaping. They committed a series of low-profile but lucrative crimes in 1991 and then disappeared. She is presumably retired.

She has no known identity; attempts to identify her after her arrest failed. Records refer to her as “Jane Doe” when they don’t use her assumed identity of “Gallifreya”.

Dark Silver

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