99 Per Cent




STR 1 Dodge +8 Init +2 Damage
STA 1 Parry +5 Unarmed +1 +1
AGL 2 Tough +11 Mental Blast Will vs 21 +6
DEX 2 Will +14 Induce blindness Will vs 18
FGT 1 Fort +6 Telekinesis +8 +10
INT 3   Telekinetic Weapon (Penetrating 8) +8 +8
AWE 6   Weaken Resolve   +8
PRE 2  


Eidetic Memory, Jack of All Trades, Ultimate Effort (Will Checks)


Expertise 7: Super-community, Insight: 8, Perception 10, Stealth: 6


Telepathy: Mind Reading 5 Linked to Area Mental Communication 3: 25 points
AE: ESP Remote Sensing 6 (Normal Visual, Normal Auditory, Mental) 1 point

Induce Blindness Perception Range Cumulative Affliction 8 (Resisted by Will; Visually Impaired, Visually Disabled, Visually Unaware), Limited to one sense +1
AE: Mental Blast Perception Range Damage 6, Resisted by Will +1
AE: Mental Illusions Illusion 6 (All Senses), Feedback, Resistible by Will, Selective +1
AE: Psionic Invisibility Concealment 10, Affects Others, Limited — Concealment only works against beings with a brain, Precise, Reach 3 +1
AE: Telekinesis Move Object 10, Accurate 4, +1
AE: Telekinetic Weapon Damage 8, Accurate 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Penetrating 8, Reach, Split +1
AE: Weaken Resolve Perception Range Weaken Will 8 +1

Telekinetic Shield Impervious Protection 10, Sustained +20 points

Levitation Flight 2 (8 MPH), Subtle +5 points]


Secret Identity

Motivation Defending Community


Chiclet is the daughter of Chicle and Dark Silver, two villains from long ago campaigns. The two villains retired to Steel city when Dark Silver became pregnant, twenty-some years ago. (Before they retired, they spent a busy few weeks accumulating a very tidy nest-egg on which they have been living ever since.)

Chiclet grew up as a popular godchild of the Steel City super-villain community. She never displayed superpowers, but indulgent “uncles” and “aunties” sometimes gave her little super-tech toys which lasted until she broke them or her parents took them away. (That usually happened very quickly, since it’s hard to stay under the radar when your five-year-old has been given a working goblin-glider.)

Over time, Chiclet also made the acquaintance of many superheroes too. They would drop by Steel City to gather information (“Hey, did you ever fight Gratz? Hello? Hello?”) and end up taking Chiclet out for ice cream.

By the time she turned 18, Chiclet had a ton of inside contacts. She began working her up the blogging food chain as a super-community expert/pundit. She’s now 22 and the (paid) resident expert for super-types at io9.com. She’s also had a number of articles published in places like Mother Jones and even an op-ed in the Washington Post. It’s only a matter of time before she really hits the big-time.

She’s been hanging out at the Occupy rally, partly because it’s something she can report on, partly because she has a fondness for Anarchist causes, and partly because her “uncles” and “aunties” are keeping an eye on Occupy. The super-villain community sees Occupy as a potential flashpoint for trouble, either because the protesters may get out of hand or because someone (law enforcement or random crazy) may try to use force to shut the protest down. People from the villain community drop by the protest site every day in the hope of spotting problems before they happen…

99 Per Cent

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