Great Brain


PL 12

STR -1 Dodge -2 Init +14 Damage
STA 0 Parry -2 Mental Blast (Perception Range, Resist Will) 22
AGL -2 Toughness +20/+0 Mental Domination (Perception Range, Resist Will) 22
DEX -2 Will +18  
FGT -2 Fortitude +6  
INT 10  
AWE 12  
PRE 3  


Eidetic Memory, Improved Initiative, Jack-of-all-trades, Speed of Thought, Ultimate Effort (Will checks)


Deception 7 (+10), Expertise: Crime 6 (+16), Intimidation 14 (+17), Perception 10 (+22), Persuasion 9 (+12)


Mental Prowess Enhanced Trait 1 (Improved Initiative), Quickness 4 (Limited—Mental Tasks), Sensed 8 (Accurate Acute Radius Detect Mental, Mental Awareness, Radius (visual)

Power of the Mind!
Mental Blast Perception Range Damage 12, Resisted by Will
Mass Mental Domination Burst Area Selective Mind Control 8
Mental Domination Perception Ranged, Cumulative Affliction, Resisted by Will (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled)
Mind Probe Mind reading 12

Telepathic Presence Selective Area Mental Communication 4 (Worldwide); Remote Sensing 20 (4,000 mile range (Auditory, Mental, Visual), Feature (Projected image of disembodied brain), Feedback, Subtle 2


Freakishly Large Brain Though the Big Brain can project his senses, will, and powers around the world, his body is mostly useless and his head is too large to move under his own power.

Motivation—Power The Big Brain wants power, and he wants to prove to the world that he’s the smartest, most influential criminal on the planet.


Great Brain

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