Augie, the Aruspex Lab


PL 7

STR 1 Dodge 1 Init +1 Damage
STA 1 Parry 3 Claws & teeth +2 2
AGL 1 Tough 3/1 Mind reading – 7
DEX 1 Will 5 Mind control – 6
FGT 2 Fort 3    
INT 0        
AWE 3        
PRE 0        


Sidekick 2


Close Combat: Unarmed +4 (6), Expertise: Guide Dog +8 (+8), Stealth +4 (+5)


Keen Senses Low-light vision, Acute Olfactory, Tracking

Telepathy Mind Reading 7, perception, diminished Range, Linked to area communication 3 Selective

Mind Control Affliction 7, limited to “I’m a nice dog, touch me,” Range Perception; Affliction 7, Range: Touch, takes full turn to establish)

Mind Shield 7 (Affects everyone with sensory connection)

Precognition 14 Unreliable, Limited: under GM’s control and interpreted by a dog


Motivation Pleasing master

Is a Dog That includes no hands or speech


August Rex is owned by Diana Rodriguez, severely vision disabled, possibly just one degree off blind (and certainly legally blind). Augie is her seeing eye dog.

Dana is a musician. She plays the violin for the Steel City symphony (third trumpet), and some nights for a boogie-woogie group called Riverdale Femmes.

Augie, the Aruspex Lab

Steel City kipling