Atomic Superman

Minons of Thornbird

STR 10 Dodge +4 Initiative +2 Damage
STA 12 Parry +2 Punch (goes off with aura) +6 +10
AGL 2 Toughness +12 Radioactive Aura +6 +8
DEX 4 Will +10 Emerald Eyebeams +6 +8
FGT 6 Fortitude +12  
INT -1  
AWE 0  
PRE -1  


Power Attack, Fearless, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Ranged Attack 2, Teamwork


Athletics (+10), Deception (-1), Insight (+0), Intimidation (+9), Perception (+4), Persuasion (-1), Stealth (+2)


Super Strong Impervious Toughness 12, Super-strong lifting as Power-lifting 6, Leaping 3
Radioactive Array
Radioactive Aura Energy Aura 8
AE: Emerald Eyebeams Blast 8


Unstable construction When they take any physical or energy damage, the atomic superman crumbles to dust; even without it, they have a relatively short lifespan—five years at best (there’s a story there….)

Motivation—unquestioning loyalty If Thornbird asks for something, they do it, even to their death.

Teamwork depends on devices The “telepathy” is routed through devices that Thornbird has constructed and secreted on the digger and elsewhere. While they’re in the expected places, they can use the Teamwork; elsewhere, they can’t. Assume that anyplace Thornbird has had unfettered access to can facilitate the teamwork.


Atomic Superman

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