Steel City

It's Wartime--Things Happen

It's Wartime--Things Happen

Thinking quickly, Huitzil explains that they are so intent on justice that they harried the miscreants to hell itself! Sadly, the Yama King explains while that’s very nice, he’s going to kill everyone because you have to be dead to be in his court and here everyone is. The Yama King is a bit of a dick.

Huitzil assures the Yama King the PCs have documents allowing them to visit hell. The only problems are the pass is forged, which Huitzil forgot, but more importantly it’s at the top of the pit with Volt, who cannot fly and who is unwilling to jump into the not-so-bottomless pit.

It turns out the demons can teleport.

Once down, Volt hands the pass over. The Yama King gets distracted by the fact Volt is insubstantial which the Yama King thinks must mean Volt is dead. Since Volt has committed no crimes, the Yama King tries very hard to send Volt on his way to his next incarnation. Volt only manages to worm out of this by turning solid, proving that he is alive.

The pass passes, apparently, but even after the situation is explained the Yama King is unwilling to to travel with the group since the August Emperor of Jade has decreed that weird ‘timey wimey’ stuff is off limits to such as the Kings and any way this particular one is very busy directing people to the correct court and/or fate.

The Yama King excuses himself to go deal with urgent business involving the Monkey King, although not so urgent the Yama King lacks time to complain about the Monkey King. Muttering something like “I really hate that guy”, he heads off into an adjoining room.

While Ubermench and Canadian Lass are simply out cold, Hexenwolf is a smear on the floor. His chatty shade appears; death is nothing new to him and neither is this court, although it has no hold over him. He walks towards the light and his next incarnation. There is no way this will come back to haunt the characters.

Now that’s too late, Magister Angle explains that where the pit goes changes and the PCs have a time limit before the exit vanishes from where they are.

99 Per Cent uses the mind link to wake Izzy.

Whatever the Monkey King business is, it involves an Unearthly commotion. Investigation reveals that Lucky Lass has stolen one of the other Yama King’s sigils of officer – a scythe – and is doing a champion job of trying to kill Yama King. The King insists he has the situation under control until she nearly takes his arm off, at which point he reluctantly accepts the PCs’ help.

Izzy races off up the pit to grab 99 Per Cent and Dragoneye while Huitzil, Volt and the Yama King square off with Lucky Lass. It is very, very clear that in the few minutes she was out of the PC’s site, Lucky got souped up somehow; after the first pass, the only attack to affect her was the area affect one that couldn’t miss.

Also, various demons attack Lucky but they’re mooks and none of them roll a natural 20.

Then things begin to go even more wrong: Huitzil lands a flurry of blows but Lucky just rolls with them, unaffected. Vanishing, she reappears behind Volt, who remembers as the scythe buries itself in his back that he forgot to ghost once he proved his bone fides to the Yama King. Dragoneye lets out a mighty area affect attack that only manages to blow the Yama King off his feet and while Volt is still composed enough to go insubstantial, the bolt of electricity he sends Lucky’s way somehow manages to ground out on a nearby metal object.

Huitzil decides to take a more aggressive approach, sacrificing defense for offense. This time it seems to have an effect. Perhaps distracted, or just not expecting this sort of attack, Lucky lets the stolen scythe slip as Canadian Lass reveals that her breathe weapon can suck as well as blow.

Canadian Lass is the only one who notices the amulet around Lucky’s neck.

The Yama King has just struggled to his feet when Lucky appears in front of him and snatches his staff of office away from him. The Yama King barely has time for a horrified “No!” when Dragoneye’s next attempt to take Lucky down blows the King ass over teakettle.

Maybe it’s not Lucky the King should worry about….

The staff lets Lucky control the demons. This is annoying.

The mind link – which 99 Per Cent in no way uses to influence the rest of the party onto the path of DARKNESS! – allows the PC to coordinate an attack that leaves Lucky trapped in one of Volt’s snares. Huitzil snatches the amulet, careful not to disrupt the crackling electric snare.

As soon as their hand closes on the amulet, Huitzil can hear a charming, seductive voice. The voice begins to suggest a deal Huitzil cannot refuse but it barely gets a few phrases in before Huitzil rejects the deal. Huitzil’s a lawyer, they know better than to trust a supernatural contract.

There was some snarking at this point about Huitzil’s negotiation tactics, which involve assuming whatever the other side says is a trick and that the best reaction is overwhelming force as the other side’s negotiator is inhaling. It’s not entirely untrue.

The amulet slips out of Huitzil’s fingers and takes a lucky bounce towards Lucky, blocked by one of 99 Per Cent’s psychic barriers. The amulet keeps trying to convince the PCs to just let the King vanish right up to the moment Izzy crushes it under foot.

Canadian lass carefully considers how to get the staff away from Lucky without breaking the snare. Huitzil helpfully points out that Izzy could just push her finger into Lucky’s brain without risking breaking the snare. Canadian Lass rejects this on the grounds she isn’t a killer and while she does that Huitzil suddenly begins to wonder if Michigan’s Stand Your Ground laws really extend into a Chinese Hell in 1941. Plus Lucky is kind of helpless….

Realizing it is only a matter of time before she loses the staff,
Lucky lass tells the demons that regardless what happens with the staff, she is their true ruler and they are not to believe the frauds who will follow. She teleports away but the staff stays behind, firmly held by Izzy.

Dragoneye notices his powers have vanished. His suspicion is the current Dragoneye, fighting the Japanese in Shanghai, blocked his access somehow.

With Lucky gone, the demons are split on attacking or obeying Canadian Lass, now in possession of both the scythe and the staff. While she dithers what to do, shadowy figures emerge from her, dressed in court robes. They begin judging the shades of the dead. It seems that anyone who has the regalia will be shaped to fulfill the duties of the bearer…

Rather than be assimilated into a Yama King, Izzy returns the staff to the Yama King. Restored to full power, the King heals quickly, which is when an angry and confused Angle, having handled the tentacle invasion for all we know shows up to unleash his power on the Yama King. Izzy gets in the way and the eldrich energies wash off Canadian Lass with no effect that the party is aware of.

The group leaves before the pit closes and for some reason the Yama King comes along. In an interesting gambit to calm the irrational Angle down, the Yama King summons Izzy’s great-grandfather. Well, what actually happens is the King summons 99 Per Cent’s great-grandmother but since she’s currently in flagrente with Izzy’s great-grandfather, he comes along for the ride. Things get kind of awkward and the phrase “it’s wartime! Things happen!” tossed around.

Also, the party keeps up its habit of letting things slip about the future. I am sure that will not come back to haunt the group.

Interesting bit of trivia: 99 Per Cent’s great-grandmother is pregnant and the magical energies in the tower will surely have an effect on her child. This is why 99 Per Cent’s family tends towards weird powers.

Angle has a mad crush on 99 Per Cent’s great-grandmother and seeing her with another man so breaks his spirit that he is willing to calm down. Their purpose served, the two adulters are sent back to where they came from.

The Yama King very grumpily comes with the party when they check to see if a powerless Dragoneye can still work the time travel ring. Angle ends up powering the ring.

After a quick chat with the 9th King, the 1st King arranges to act in a way that will convince the 9th King that the 1st is dead, and then the 1st and Angle heads back to 1941 with the time travel ring. How the 1st squares the time travel with the August Personage, no idea, but that’s just the sort of thing nobody needs to spend any time worrying about.

Before he vanishes, Angle gives us his own ring to give to his successor. The arcane defender of England seems shattered, which goes a long way to explaining how Hexenwolf will kill him in his near future, which maybe the Sentries should have warned Angle about. Another victory for the Sentries!

The party is determined to give the ring to the current Magister until they realize the ring stops machinery. All machinery. Machinery like the nanotechnology that gives Stormers their powers. It could be very useful for dealing with the Commander. On consideration, the Sentries decide that there is no reason to be hasty.

The 9th Yama King and Volt then begin to dicker over the landing Chinatown that the court is occupying. Volt wants to lease land rather than selling it so he can exploit the tourist potential in his secret ID. Some ground rules get hammered out, like the Court is forbidden to grab people off the street anymore. This can only end well!

As the session ends, word comes of a bank robbery in progress.

We got two experience and since I keep rolling crappy, I dropped them into improved critical punchy punchy in the hope that if I improve the odds of a critical to 1/7, maybe crits will come up one time in a hundred.

2 exp: improved critical with punchy punchy.



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